Isreal DMW shames haters as he reconciles with Davido


In a surprising turn of events, Israel DMW, the logistics manager of Nigerian superstar, Davido, has hinted at a reconciliation with his boss after their fallout earlier this year.

Isreal DMW took to his Instagram story to share a screenshot of his facetime call with Davido, implying that their differences have been resolved.

Isreal DMW also pledged his undying loyalty to the singer, writing on his Instagram story,

Am forever Loyal sir. Shameless to Devils“.

This comes as a relief to fans of both parties who were left wondering about the state of their relationship following Davido’s decision to unfollow Isreal DMW on Instagram.

The fallout between the two was allegedly due to an alleged homophobic post made by Isreal DMW against an influencer named Enioluwa.

However, Isreal DMW later denied making the post, which led to Davido unfollowing him on the social media platform.

It is unclear what led to the reconciliation between the two, but fans are thrilled to see the duo back on good terms.

Many have taken to social media to express their excitement and happiness at the news.

Isreal DMW is known for his loyalty to Davido and has been with the singer for several years, handling his logistics and public relations.

It remains to be seen if this reconciliation will lead to the pair working together again in the future.