“It beats my imagination how far people can go in this life” Actress Laide Bakare breaks silence on saga with Colleague, Iyabo Ojo


Nigerian actress, Laide Bakare has broken silence regarding the alleged feud between herself and her colleague Iyabo Ojo.

This came a few minutes after Iyabo Ojo dared the Yoruba Nollywood industry to perpetuate evil about her.

Laide Bakare took to her Instagram page to deny a previous post that led many to assume that the friendship between her and Iyabo Ojo has gone sour.

The beautiful actress urged her colleagues and fans to disregard the news because it was staged to incite violence.

“Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Why? why? why? Please guys disregard @laidebakare and @iyaboojofespris saga. It’s staged by the evil doors to instigate.

“My attention has been drawn to a sad disturbing trending news today about me and my friend and colleague @iyaboojofespris , it Actually beats my imagination how far people can go in this life to tarnish one’s image and create wahala where there’s none.

“Whoever doctored my status and used my name to want to course chaos between us, has just displayed the highest level of wickedness

“How can you go that far? Gosh, this beats my imagination. I’m far away, and I’ve been so busy not even knowing what’s going on and now this? Haaaaa aye ma ni I ka ooo. Whose so ever beyond this, I won’t insult you but rather I leave you to God.

“For the record, Iyabo is my friend and colleague for so many years, and I have never had issues with her even if at all, I have my phone to call her, and we discuss. This is just too much for whoever did this. God is watching you. Cc @iyaboojofespris”