It makes no sense attending funeral of who you don’t relate with while alive – Reno Omokri


Social media commentator and writer, Reno Omokri has said that it makes no sense for a person to attend a funeral of someone they didn’t relate with while he or she was alive.

Omokri said this via his Instagram page, recently.

He posted:

“Whether in religion, politics, or entertainment, in life, people usually only attend the funerals of men and women they associated with during their lives. If you did not associate with someone while that person lived, and more importantly, that person also did not associate with you in their lifetime, it is hypocritical to go to their funeral.” 

It will be recalled that several reactions have been coming in weeks back on why some people who are seen to be religious leader are “mean” not even to sober after death of another  “colleague”