“It was a healing process. It was unplanned”, Nigerian Artist, Peter Okoye discloses


Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, popularly known as Mr. P disclosed how he and his twin brother Rudeboy settled their four-year feud.

Mr. P, revealed in an Instagram Live. He said, “It was a healing process. It was unplanned. Na person wey take side dey hear am now. If you put mouth or you take side, I hope you are okay now.

“Somebody actually wrote something, he said I want to know who walked up to who.

“I said this is where you people have a problem because, I mean, you see the guys are back doing their thing”.

He added, “Not like we don’t still have Rude Boy and Mr P but it is a triple dose. Just enjoy the triple dose, enjoy the moment. Trying to figure out who or how, you don’t need that.

“Like I said, we decided not to have any show in Nigeria until this 25th. If we wanted to be doing shows, we will be doing three shows every day”.