“It’s A Traumatic Experience Sleeping With A Virgin” -Actor Baaj Adebule


Nollywood actor, Baaj Adebule has said he does not want to marry a virgin because the first experience can be “traumatic” for men.

Speaking on Pulse Hot Takes, Adebule shed light on the male experience in such situations, highlighting the emotional toll it can take on a man.

“I don’t want to marry a virgin because first, obviously, you will have to do the ‘dis-virginity,’ which is something I’ve been through before and it is quite traumatic,” he said.

The actor added: “When people think about it, they only think about the lady, obviously because she’s the one that has to go through it. But nobody thinks about the guy and what he goes through to do it. It is a very terrible experience for a guy.”

Adebule emphasised the importance of considering both perspectives in discussions about virginity. He went on to express empathy, acknowledging that while the focus is usually on the woman’s experience, the emotional and psychological impact on the man during such moments is often disregarded.

When the topic of pride came up, Adebule touched on the notion of being proud of one’s choices, comparing virginity to achievements like maintaining physical fitness. He asserted that even though he won’t take a virgin as a bride, he agrees that discipline is something to be proud of.

“I think being a virgin is something you can be proud of as is the case of a person who works out and looks pretty good, she should be proud of that. So if it’s not something that is easy to achieve and takes discipline, then it’s something to be proud of,” he stated.