“It’s all natural from my mum”- Fella Makafui denies body enhancement claims


Ghanaian celebrity, Fella Makafui has refuted claims that she has undergone body enhancement through Brazilian Butt Lift, asserting that her physique is natural and inherited from her mother.

In a conversation with Ghanaian blogger Zion Felix, Fella Makafui defended her fashion choices, stating, “I don’t see anything wrong with what I wear. I have a nice body, and I am proud of that.” When asked if she had enhanced her body, she replied, “No, I have not enhanced my body. Ever since you knew me, I have been in this industry since 2016, I have always been like this from YOLO.”

She further explained, “I have gained weight, I have lost weight. Have you seen my mum before? My mum is so endowed, come on.”

Fella Makafui, who described herself as one of Ghana’s most trolled personalities, mentioned that she does not pay attention to fake news or social media backlash about herself.

“I don’t read the comments. I just come, post and go. It is hard for me to read comments of what people post about me. They don’t know you; it is just on social media…clearly what I do on social media is not me,” she shared.