“It’s time to finally say my last goodbye.” – Rico’s girlfriend, Caroline bids farewell.

Rico Swavey’s girlfriend, Caroline, has penned her last goodbye to her late intimate lover in an emotional Instagram post.
It would be recalled that Rico Swavey died on October 13th, 2022 and was laid to rest yesterday, October 20th, following his candlelight procession on Wednesday, October 19.
Caroline, however, expressed the difficulty she has letting go of her Lover due to the pain she has suffered in the days since his death.
Here are her final words to him;
“Am here to say my final goodbye, we laid you to rest fews hours ago, I shivered badly under the rain hoping for a miracle, but it didn’t happen, i thought the rains was trying to show a sign, but i guess i was wrong , it’s time to let you go, its time to finally say my last goodbye, it’s time to finally say my last goodnight, just so you know your memories will forever be in my heart and head, Watch over your families, genuine friends, and my coconut head too☺️
from caroline❤️❤️❤️”