I’ve Been Officially Divorced For 3 Years Now – Ghanaian Musician Reveals


Ghanaian musician and media personality, Trigmatic has revealed that he had been divorced for more than 3 years since the legal dissolution of his marriage.

Trigmatic, in an interview on D-Black’s Unkut show said the dissolution of his marriage marks a significant milestone in his life.

“I am divorced. A lot of people don’t know. It’s not something I talk about… Yeah, it has been three years now.

Trigmatic clarified that the decision to divorce was mutually agreed upon and went on to refute any notion linking his profession to the separation.

He emphasized that the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic compelled them to spend increased time together, amplifying irreconcilable differences.

“No, I think COVID got us to like to be at home and so… it was very peaceful though,”

He, however, expressed gratitude for the lessons learned throughout the three years since his divorce, adding that personal growth, resilience, and the importance of self-love were key themes in his message.

Trigmatic entered matrimony with Edith on March 25, 2017.

However, he has recently conveyed his openness to the idea of remarriage, under the condition of encountering the right person.