“I’ve not received a dime from the songs I did with Shatta Wale” – Michy reveals


Ghanaian singer Shatta Michy has opened up about her lack of financial gains from her music, including her popular track “Low Tempo.”

In a candid revelation, Shatta Michy shared that she has not received any financial compensation for her songs, citing her limited understanding of the royalties system as the main reason.

“I have not received a single cedi from any song I’ve made. So far as it is connected with that page [Shatta Wale’s Youtube], I’ve not earned anything,” she disclosed.

During the discussion, a panelist pointed out that her song “Low Tempo” had garnered over 5 million views, implying that she should have received some monetary benefits since her former partner, and the father of her child, has a monetized account.

However, Michy revealed that despite the success of her songs, she has yet to benefit financially from her musical endeavors.

Expressing her curiosity about claiming what is rightfully hers as the intellectual property creator, Michy exclaimed, “Do you know of a way I can take it? It’s 5 million views now? Wow,” displaying her astonishment.

While initially taken aback, Michy also acknowledged that she handles the situation cautiously, particularly concerning certain individuals, suggesting that she wishes to avoid unnecessary conflicts or further jeopardize her relationship with the Dancehall singer.

Back in 2017, Michy was featured on the track “Low Tempo” alongside Shatta Wale. The song has amassed over 5 million views on YouTube alone and is believed to generate substantial revenue on other streaming platforms.