‘I’ve Not Smoked Weed For 5 Months Now’ – Shatta Wale Advises New Artist


Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale has disclosed that he has abstained from smoking weed for the past five months now.

During a meet and greet in his hotel room in Navrongo, Shatta Wale shared this personal milestone while advising an upcoming artist to avoid drugs and concentrate on their music career.

He emphasised the importance of dedicating oneself to music rather than indulging in substance abuse.

He said: “Make your focus go on the music more and leave some things.

“I smoke alright but for about five months now I have not smoked weed. I know people will not believe me. It’s just cigarette that I smoke now.”

Shatta Wale, however, advised the young artist on the necessity of prioritising one’s well-being and avoiding harmful substances.

“Sometimes you need to quit certain things and focus on yourself. But the tramol and those things, don’t take it because I have boys who took those things and are condemned now,” he warned.

In an unexpected turn, Shatta Wale, known for his vocal presence on social media, has been notably quiet for some weeks. The award-winning Ghanaian dancehall star, usually outspoken about issues that concern him, has left fans wondering about his silence.

Recent reports reveal that Shatta Wale has been diligently working on his highly anticipated album.