I’ve Played A Pivotal Role In Modernising Ghana’s Dance Industry – DanceGod Lloyd


Popular Ghanaian dancer, Laud Anoo Konadu popularly known as DanceGod Lloyd said he has played a pivotal role in modernising Ghana’s dance industry.

He asserts that his dance challenges have significantly impacted the popularity of songs not only in Ghana but across Africa, stressing that he proudly credits himself with revitalising the dance scene.

Lloyd emphasized that his contributions have elevated the status of the dance industry, inspiring numerous young individuals to pursue it as a career.

Taking to Twitter, he stated, “After the eras of Legendary Paa Tee and Adjetey Sowah, I’ve played a pivotal role in modernizing Ghana’s dance industry. The proof is undeniable, evident in the multitude of chart-topping songs my dance moves have influenced.”

Many social media users have echoed his sentiments, advocating for him to receive the recognition he rightfully deserves.

DanceGod Lloyd is a renowned Ghanaian dancer, choreographer, and instructor. He gained fame for his exceptional dance skills and innovative choreography, which he showcases in various dance challenges and performances.

In addition to his individual career, DanceGod Lloyd is also the co-founder of the DWP Academy (Dance With Purpose Academy) along with his colleague, Incredible Zigi.

Though he is no more part of DWP Academy, the dance group is a prominent dance institution based in Ghana that offers training in various dance styles, including Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and more.

The academy aims to provide aspiring dancers with professional training and opportunities to hone their skills, contributing to the growth and development of the dance industry in Ghana and beyond.