I’ve Relocated To Germany Because Ghana Is Not Safe For LGBTQ+, Says Angel Maxine


A Ghanaian transgender who is into music, Angel Maxine has disclosed that she has relocated to Germany due to the unfavourable conditions faced by the LGBT+ community in Ghana.

According to Maxine, it became necessary to leave the country due to the difficulty in going about her regular and professional activities.

She stated, “I had to leave Ghana so I could find a safe space where I could continue to do my work.”

“Being an openly transgender woman in Ghana, it’s a warfare. I couldn’t even walk on the streets, I couldn’t join the public bus, I couldn’t go to certain places; I couldn’t perform at certain places. As a musician, I had people who did not want to associate with me because I was a trans woman.”

Expressing concerns about the safety of members of the LGBT+ community in Ghana, Maxine expressed hope that things will change in the future for gay and transgender people to freely live in Ghana.

In an open interview, she said, “I honestly feel bad for the future of LGBTQ rights in Ghana because as it stands now, we can see that everything going on is political propaganda. I don’t see why we should now have to run away from our country just to feel safe. I hope that one day all these things will stop so that queer people can live their lives freely and be open, be happy and be able to also add positively to society.”

Maxine’s revelation comes on the back of the approval of an anti-LGBT+ bill by the parliament of Ghana.

The bill, which prohibits LGBT+ activities in the country, prescribes punishment including jail terms for persons engaging in LGBT+ activities and their promotion.

The bill currently awaits the approval of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who has decided to put his decision on hold until a determination by the Supreme Court on two suits challenging the constitutionality of the bill.