Iyabo Ojo’s daughter lists benefits of being a celebrity child


Daughter of popular actress, Priscilla, has listed some of the advantages of being a celebrity child.

Priscilla, who recently commemorated her 21st birthday with a grand party with the theme, “Hollywood Glam” talked about these advantages in a chat with an online TV.

According to her, one of the benefits of having a celebrity parent just like she does is they get to enjoy freebies from fans and lovers of their celebrity parent(s).

She also said she’s usually treated differently from others when people realise who her mother is.

She said: “I think it’s just like people giving you access to things more. Like when you get into a place and people will be like, ‘Oh! So, so is you mom? I like your mom.

“They tend to act more nicely to you rather than being just regular. So, I think that’s the advantage.”

By Damilola Olufemi