Joeboy implores fans to stop consuming harmful substances


Singer Joeboy has pleaded with fans to stop consuming harmful substances while performing the #Alcoholchallenge.

With singers releasing new songs almost regularly, different challenges are also being launched on social media.

In the past few weeks, a new trend emerged on TikTok where fans record themselves and pour different liquid and solid materials on their heads and bodies with Joeboy’s latest song, “Alcohol” playing in the background.

In the act of pouring these substances on their bodies which include: alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, palm oil, dettol, bleach, rice among other things, some also ingest them as they mime the song.

As a result, there have been recorded cases of some persons being rushed to the hospital in the act of carrying out this trending challenge and ingesting harmful substances.

Taken aback by the gravity of the #Alcoholchallenge, Joeboy has begged everyone to just enjoy the song and avoid pouring things on their bodies and; consuming harmful substances.

He posted: “So in addition to not pouring stuff on your bodies, PLS STOP INGESTING UNHEALTHY THINGS too. Let’s enjoy the song AND stay alive. Bless.”