Kanye West urges Jewish people to forgive Hitler


Controversial American rapper,Kanye West has called on Jewish people to forgive German dictator, Adolf Hitler for killing millions of their ancestors.

Kanye did a new interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and anti-Semitic White Nationalist Nick Fuentes.

West, once again wearing a full mask covering his eyes and mouth, declared his sympathies for  the German dictator.

He claimed that Jews have caused Hitler’s bad reputation because “they were upset that Hitler was kicking them out of the country.”

He reiterated his stance that Jews cannot tell him who he can and cannot love and added that they “cannot force their pain on everyone else.”

He then called on Jews to forgive Hitler.

Kanye West said: “Jewish people, forgive Hitler today. Let it go. Let it go. Stop trying to force it on other people.”

Adolf Hitler is responsible for the murder of 6 million Jewish victims and 5 million non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Kanye also compared the Holocaust to abortion.

He said: “The Holocaust is not the only holocaust. So for them to take that and claim when we have abortions right now. That’s eugenics. That’s genocide. That’s a holocaust that we’re dealing with right now.”

He also repeated his stance that Jews control the media and politics, saying that it’s wrong because Jewish people don’t believe that Jesus is the “king of all kings” and the real king of the Jews.