Kate Henshaw decries police officer who jumped queue at a petrol station


Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, has decried the movements of an unidentified police officer who she contended attempted to jump the queue at a petrol station.

The actress took to her Twitter page yesterday to complain about the long queues at certain fueling stations in Lagos.

She tweeted, “The fuel queues in my area are bad! Oh Nigeria. When will our suffering end? Not on a Monday; not any day.”

An hour later, the actress posted a video on her page where she was questioning a police officer for not staying his turn like others on the queue.

“You’re wearing a police uniform, and you’re telling me you can come and buy fuel before me. It’s not even happening. That’s why this country is like this, and you’re wearing a police uniform,” she said in the video.

Kate Henshaw wrote, “50 minutes still on the queue and this is what someone who is supposed to uphold the law does! He jumped the queue and he was allowed inside.”

She noted that “a few sane people” joined her in ensuring the said officer returned to the queue.

By Damilola Olufemi