Kenya Online Media Unveils New Faces To Replace Mungai Eve


Kenya Online Media, formerly known as Mungai Eve Media, founded by Director Trevor and his former girlfriend Mungai Eve, has unveiled the fresh faces of its new hosts.

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent split between Director Trevor and Mungai Eve, marking a new chapter for the YouTube channel. One of the hosts, Rael Wangari, is a former host at BNN.

“Because of you, Mungai Eve Media has risen to where it is now, and it is because of you that we trust Kenya Online Media will keep soaring higher under the stewardship of the one and only Director Trevor’s team, consisting of myself, Captain Nyota, Director Trevor, and others whose identities for now will remain concealed,” she said.

According to the statement, not much will change regarding the type of content posted on the channel, maintaining the street interview formats.

Rael reported that despite reports of Trevor and Eve’s breakup starting in January 2024, the two had actually broken up in February 2023 but agreed to continue working together until recently when they agreed to part ways.

The news of Director Trevor parting ways with Mungai Eve and taking control of the platforms they jointly built sparked debate on social media, with the duo trending on X, formerly Twitter.

Known for their engaging content, the duo had amassed a significant following on YouTube and other social media platforms, making them household names in the Kenyan digital space.

The initial reaction was a blend of surprise, disappointment, and curiosity. Fans who had followed the couple’s journey from the start expressed their sadness at seeing such a successful collaboration end.