Kenyan Actress Reply To Rumours Of Expecting 3rd Baby With Actor Peter Kamau


Kenyan award-winning actress and brand influencer, Jackie Matubia, has addressed rumours circulating about her alleged pregnancy and criticisms regarding her wearing a wedding gown.

Speculation about Jackie Matubia’s alleged pregnancy with her co-actor Peter Kamau, known for his role as Joshua Mufasa in ‘Salem’, emerged following a series of wedding pictures she posted.

In her Monday Instagram post, Jackie Matubia vehemently denied the claims of expecting her third child and expressed her disappointment with people making assumptions without certainty.

The mother of two emphasised that she is not expecting any children soon and urged people to refrain from making assumptions about matters they are not certain of.

Jackie Matubia addressed a bitter fan who commented on her post insinuating that she might be expecting her third child without a father.

She expressed her disregard for such comments, stating that she is unfazed by public opinion. However, she urged people to be considerate and think before making hurtful remarks.

“Normally I don’t do this, but I felt the need to address it… so some people had the nerve to come and comment on my post of the wedding gown ‘that I wore and captioned ZAHRA MUFASA, yet someone will come and tell me and ‘Baby number 3 loading’. Something you will never wear in real life. He is about to bring us baby number 3 without a father,” Jackie Matubia wrote.

The actress candidly shared her perspective on marriage, drawing from her personal experiences of two failed marriages.

She emphasised that marriage is not everything and likened it to college and university certificates, which she believes hold little value.

“Wedding gown wearing been there done that along with marriage certificate! news flash just like your college and university certificates, it doesn’t help… For some of us, marriage is not everything. Someone like me has grown up with 2 failed ones, you think it is what I want to get into at the moment? We are on another level,” she wrote.

With the challenges in her previous marriages, Jackie remains resilient and uninterested in pursuing another marriage at the moment.

“Honestly, I don’t care, but one thing I want us to do is to use our minds a little, honestly, I fought so many battles that such words are nothing to me. I will grow up with ten children, they are mine. I am asking no one to help me raise my children or their fathers, alright !” she wrote.

Jackie Matubia concluded her statement by hinting at upcoming endeavours and urged her followers to expect something significant from her. She encouraged them to offer their support when she unveiled her plans.