Kenyan Content Creator, Diana B Narrates Ordeal Over Christmas Holiday


Kenyan content creator and rapper, Diana Marua recently shared a harrowing experience when she and her husband faced an accident shortly after refueling their vehicle.

She said the incident occurred as the family was en route to a holiday destination with their children.

Opting to travel at night to avoid heavy traffic in Mai Mahiu, Diana B and her husband captured moments of refueling their vehicles on video.

After spending some time at the gas station creating content, they resumed their journey to Naivasha for their holiday.

Unfortunately, just moments after hitting the road, a car collided with the back of one of their vehicles, forcing an abrupt stop.

“Sijui nicheke ama nilie ama nikasirike, After nimewambia tumetoka kufuel gari ziko na mafuta three minutes later,” Diana B said.

The right side of their car suffered significant damage, and the other vehicle involved was even worse off.

Diana had to quickly find a place for her children while they dealt with the aftermath of the accident. No one was injured in the minor crash.

Remarkably, the vehicle had recently undergone a full service at the garage in preparation for the trip.

The unexpected accident added a layer of stress to what was supposed to be a joyful holiday journey.