Kenyan Content Creator Discloses Spots Of Her 16 Piercings, 5 Tattoos


Kenyan content creator and businesswoman Murugi Munyi is wrapping up the year on a triumphant note, achieving milestones in various ventures.

Amid her successful year, Murugi recently shared intriguing details about herself on Instagram, shedding light on her age, height, favourite food and drink, and a surprising revelation – she sports a total of 16 body piercings and five tattoos.

In the Instagram stories on December 21, Murugi disclosed that she has a total of 16 body piercings, a fact that caught the attention of her curious followers.

“Get to know me: Tattoos – 5 of them, piercings – 16 of them, age – 33, favourite place – in my man’s arms.

She detailed that the piercings are distributed across her ears, nose, and belly.

“For everyone who has asked this…I have seven piercings in each ear and then a nose piercing and a belly piercing.”

She admitted that some of the ear piercings might be blocked by now, sparking a humorous comment about the potential revival of accessorising all her piercings with earrings in the coming year.

“Maybe 2024 will be the year I actually put earrings in all of them lol. Some of the ear ones I think are blocked by now,” she said.