Kenya’s Brand Influencer, Alma Mutheu Shares Intimate Photo With ‘Boyfriend’


As the new year unfolds, TikTok sensation and Kenya’s brand influencer, Alma Mutheu has taken the internet by storm with a cosy photo alongside her alleged boyfriend, and award-winning musician, Gift Muziq.

The 25-year-old shared the sweet moment on her social media, prompting playful reactions and lively discussions among netizens, especially those navigating the single life.

In the photo shared on January 4, Alma and Gift Muziq are seen in a warm embrace, their arms wrapped around each other as they lean against a car.

Alma playfully captioned the post, asking fellow netizens if they were also experiencing such warmth or if their only companion was the flu.

The post was a mix of affection and humour, setting the tone for a lively discussion.

“Let me grab your attention like he’s grabbing that…Umeshikwa hivi ama ni homa tu imekushika, she wrote.

Alma’s comment section with playful responses, expressing a range of emotions from admiration to good-natured jealousy.

Some humorously pleaded with Alma to show mercy and allow the new year to progress further before making the single individuals feel the pangs of loneliness.

While some netizens embraced the humour, others took a different approach, emphasising their independence and engagement in other important aspects of life.

In July 2023, Alma Mutheu dismissed speculations about a romantic relationship with her content creator partner, Gift Musiq.

Despite clarifying their platonic bond, Alma hinted that she wouldn’t mind exploring a romantic connection with the talented creator.

The duo has garnered attention for their entertaining skits where they portray lovers, sparking curiosity among their fans.

While maintaining a strong platonic relationship, many followers speculate that there might be more to the chemistry displayed in their collaborative content.

Alma, who rose to prominence in 2020, has seen her career flourish, even opting to defer her university studies to concentrate on content creation.