Kenya’s Content Creator Breaks Silence After Separation With Boyfriend 


Kenya’s content creator Mungai Eve has found herself under media scrutiny after her boyfriend, Director Trevor, announced their separation. Throughout their more than five-year relationship, Eve and Trevor were seen as relationship goals for many.

However, news of their split left fans and followers curious about the reasons behind their separation. In the aftermath of the breakup announcement by Director Trevor, Mungai Eve has maintained a low-profile.

While Trevor shared their relationship status, Eve, who has been out of the country, has been sharing glimpses of her enjoying serene beach scenes, choosing to stay mum amidst the public scrutiny.

Director Trevor, who served as both producer and director of The Mungai Eve YouTube channel, stated that they parted ways in February 2023, and she is no longer part of the show.

In a subtle response to the public’s anticipation of her statement, Mungai Eve took to her Instagram stories on February 26. She indirectly conveyed her stance, suggesting that some matters are better left unspoken.

“As much as you wanna address it, some things are better left unsaid. Am learning,” she shared.

Through her posts, she hinted at prioritising personal growth and moving forward without engaging in public discussions about her relationship.

“Sometimes the only closure you need is closing your mouth, moving on, and living your best life,” she said.

Director Trevor and Mungai Eve’s love story began in 2018 during a photo shoot session, marking the beginning of a journey that inspired many. Their relationship was a testament to love and partnership, especially within the creative industry.

However, news of their breakup in February 2024 came as a surprise to many admirers who looked up to them as relationship role models.

Trevor has since rebranded the Eve Mungai YouTube channel to Kenya Online TV and employed new faces.