Kenya’s Gospel Artist Shares Mum’s Dark Confession


Kenya’s gospel artist, Mash Mwana has shared the painful details of his dark past, recounting a harrowing moment when his mother contemplated poisoning him to shield the family from the disgrace of his criminal activities.

During an interview on NTV’s Crossover, Mash Mwana unravelled his transformative journey, exposing a turbulent chapter that led him astray from his family’s deeply rooted connection to the church.

As the son of a pastor, he acknowledged the stark deviation from the righteous path, delving into the spiritual turmoil and criminal endeavours that marked his darkest days.

He shared his dreams of death and the internal battle with the spirit of death within him.

In a desperate plea for intervention, Mash Mwana turned to prayer, expressing his fears to God.

“I even went to church and prayed and told God, I know I will die, but not now. I begged God to make me mad instead so that people just see me wandering around, but I’m not ready to die. Do what you can for me,” he confessed.

The turning point in Mash Mwana’s life came during his time at Bible school, where he encountered a transformative experience with God.

“And that is when I met God. God can transform me because I am ready. God can use and, from that point, bring testimony to my life, to my parents,” he shared.

However, amidst the revelation of his redemption, Mash Mwana disclosed a chilling truth about his past.

His mother, driven by the fear of societal shame and embarrassment, had contemplated poisoning him due to his destructive lifestyle.

“The other day, my mum told me, ‘I wanted to kill you. I wanted to poison you so you could die and save the family from seeing you lying dead on the streets.’ She did not want that embarrassment and death,” he disclosed.

Mash Mwana explained his mother’s motivation, shedding light on the societal stigma associated with being the son of a pastor involved in criminal activities.

“She did not want people to say, ‘See, the pastor’s son is being killed for being a criminal,’ and all that disgrace. She wanted to avoid it by poisoning me,” he added.