Kenya’s TV Anchor Recounts Childhood Memory On How She Carried ‘Wet Pants’ To The Airport


Kenya’s NTV Swahili news anchor, Fridah Mwaka has shared one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

Recalling a childhood memory, Fridah recounted her first aeroplane journey, which turned out to be quite a memorable experience.

In a segment on Radio 47 called ‘This is not to be forgotten,’ She vividly remembered her mother’s secrecy surrounding the trip, leading to surprises at the airport.

As a child, she was unaware that she was about to embark on her first flight. Her mother simply mentioned they were going on a journey. Little did she know, the trip involved air travel.

Expecting a bus ride, Fridah packed some cold treats in her luggage. However, her suitcase also contained other items like a geometrical set, triggering a thorough search at the airport security checkpoint.

“It was when I was a child. The first time I got on a plane, my mother didn’t tell me that I would get on a plane. She just told me that we were going to travel. Now you know that you went there and bought underwear and washed them. Tomorrow morning you pack and go to Nairobi.

“I thought we were going and then I put on those cold underwear. When I arrived at the airport, there were only those geometrical sets in the bag so I couldn’t pass without a search. They said they had to open the suitcase,” she said.

The embarrassing moment ensued when security officers discovered her packed items, including chilly treats in paper bags emitting coastal scents.

Fridah’s discomfort was evident as her belongings were inspected, with some items spilling out during the search.

“Imagine the underwear is put in a paper bag. They smell of second-hand, soap and the heat of the beach. And you know the attendants at the airport, I don’t know why they are under pressure, that is, even when they give you things. Now I find my red underwear while others have fallen there, It was so embarrassing I swear,” she said.