Kwambox bashes Diamond for hating on Burna Boy’s vocals


Kiss 100 presenter Sheila Kwamboka, also known as Kwamboka, clashed with Diamond Platnumz over his opinion that Burna Boy doesn’t have good vocals.

During ‘The Morning Kiss’ show, Kwamboka, while sampling songs by Diamond, Alikiba, and Burna Boy, set out to determine who possessed the vocals.

Before playing Burna Boy’s song on air, she reiterated Diamond’s statement that he doesn’t rate Burna Boy musically.

“Diamond amesema, for Burna Boy, it’s just vocals, the guy wouldn’t be successful. He says he doesn’t rate Burna Boy vocally,” Kwambox said.

Kwambox’s co-host, Chito Ndhlovu, interjected and cut her short, stating that both artists utilise auto-tune, and he likened Diamond’s critique to one auto-tuned voice criticising another as being worse.

To end the conversation, the two played a Burna Boy song and Kwambox’s reaction while the song was playing said a lot.

It wasn’t long before Chito stopped the song and Kwambox openly said that Diamond should drop his claims.