“Learn to Shut-up” – Blessing Okoro warns cheaters never to confess

Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has advised people never to confess any act of infidelity to their partners.
The relationship therapist who is known for sharing useful relationship tips and advice, In a recent video, asserted that an unfaithful partner should forgive themselves and move on without having to tell their partner about the infidelity.
According to Blessing, keeping it a secret is preferable to telling your partner about being unfaithful, especially if you weren’t caught in the act, furthering that such information might have an disadvantageous effect on the relationship and probably result to their breakup since the betrayed partner may find it difficult to bear.
“Confession will not change anything, they are not Jesus Christ, they will judge you. Learn to shut up,” said Blessing in a now viral video. When you CHEAT don’t confess especially when you are not caught just shut up”, she said.