“Let’s Support Each Other’’ – King Promise Urges Ghanaian Artists


Ghanaian singer, King Promise has emphasized the challenges of fostering collaboration among musicians, noting that some artists perceive it as a competition rather than an opportunity for mutual promotion.

The “Terminator” hitmaker recounted the day a Ghanaian artiste did not want him to be part of a show the artiste hosted in London.

Speaking in an interview with content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon, sighted on Twitter, King Promise narrated he was in London and graced his presence at the event of the said artiste.

He stated that, he hoped to join the stage as a way of showing support but the artiste denied him the chance to perform.

“It’s just the mentality of Ghanaians. Like I always say, it is not us against each other; it is us against the world. You’ll be shocked if I tell you your own brother, I’m not going to mention any names but I was in London sometime and there was a concert by a Ghanaian artiste.

“I was there with Sarkodie and he said I could pull up to the show which I agreed to. They didn’t let me do the thing. I was like; Are we fighting ourselves? I actually came to show you guys love. I can sell out the venue respectively”, he said.
During the interview, King Promise mentioned that there were occasions when he shared a stage with some Nigerian artistes like Wizkid and Omar Lay which were events hosted by these artistes.

“I don’t know whether they see it to be a competition rather than us being there for us. I’ve been on several stages where Wizkid and Omar Lay put me on stage whenever we are in the same city”, he said.

King Promise urged fellow musicians to shift their mindset from rivalry to collective support, emphasizing that the industry’s success lies in unity rather than internal disputes.