Love will never be placed over my career – Efia Odo


Ghanaian television and social media personality, Efia Odo has insisted that she will never choose love over her career.

Efia Odo in a interview stated’ “I’m not gonna leave my career for love because that man can leave me one day and I’m going to regret not doing what I love to do.”

“You’ve got to live your dreams and you’re not going to stop living your dream because a man or woman or anybody told you not to. Bye, boo. There’s a next man waiting for me at the door”, she jovially advised.

Asked if she thinks it will be difficult to find a man who would want to marry her considering her social standard, Efia confessed that she is very optimistic when it comes to love, thus implying that when she is in love, she does not really allow the celebrity or influencer life to interfere with her relationship with her man.

According to her, relationships are all about communication and that is something she is very big on when in a relationship, hence, unless her partner does not communicate, then a relationship can definitely work out and get to the extent of marriage.

“Put me being an influencer aside, I’m a human being and there are some things that I might do that you might not like and you have to communicate it with me and then we can come to a common ground. I’ve dated people that communication was lacking and we ended the relationship in three months because we weren’t able to talk to each other”, she said.

Efia stated that she is very optimistic about relationships; hence, she is not going to have a problem getting married if she finds a man who knows how to communicate too.