Marriage Is Not A Lifetime Prison,’ Says Canary’s Wife Sasha Ferguson


Canary Mugume’s wife, Sasha Ferguson has advised women against staying in toxic marriages and washing their dirty linen in public.

In a video that’s making rounds on social media, she said:

“Marriage is about two people; you come together and you take those vows. No one helps you to do that. So, at the end of the day, you clearly know the person you’re getting involved with. You know what you are getting yourself into.

“And I feel like from the day you take those vows, you are accountable to the other person… and you are supposed to be that person’s keeper, [and] vice versa.

“You are supposed to protect each other even in times you feel like you don’t want to. That’s what I think… whenever you feel like, now I’ve really tried it and it has failed, try to talk to someone.

“There are therapists… that keep things really confidential. There are counsellors.

“There are so many people… before you get to that stage [where] you feel like, okay, I can’t do this, try to fix the marriage.

“But if all doesn’t work, marriage is not a lifetime prison, no.

“If you are not getting the happiness you deserve, and I am talking about having your life at stake, you get out.

But if not, please fight for your marriage. On top of that, I really don’t think, it’s important to actually… come out and fight.

“People who share the same bed, people who used to deeply love each other, people who have kids.

“I think that’s where marriage gets more sensitive when kids are involved, so you need to be like really, really careful on how you treat your partner out there in public.
“How you talk about them. How you do things generally.

“So, when it gets really toxic, you can as well get out, keep quiet, and move on with your life. Unless you feel the need to inspire and motivate other people involved. Other people who have been facing what you are facing or something similar and you really want to motivate.

“You know, inspire them in a way… that I’m a winner… Maybe you want to write a book about it. It’s okay.

Sasha Ferguson advised against talking about marriage issues in public. She said sometimes you just need to move on.

“You move on without talking about… keeping the anger in your heart, honestly it’s going to damage you and it’s likely to damage your kids too,” she said.

“You might not see it immediately but it’s likely to happen.”

According to her, in marriage, some things are supposed to remain “un-talked about.”

“Privacy is key… despite what you’ve gone through,” she said.

Sasha Ferguson said when anger dissipates, you may regret the things you said.