“Marriages Are Failing Because Men No Longer Discipline Their Wives” – Ghanaian Actor Salinko


Popular Ghanaian actor Salinko, has opened up about the challenges facing modern marriages, while attributing the challenges to a lack of traditional values.

In an exclusive interview with Emelia Brobbey, the actor shared his thoughts on marital discipline, expressing concerns about the diminishing role of men in maintaining order within their households.

According to Salinko, one of the key reasons behind the increasing failure of marriages is the reluctance to allow men to discipline their wives, adding that, this has led to a decline in mutual respect between spouses, contributing to the breakdown of marriages.

Reflecting on the past, Salinko highlighted the contrast between traditional and contemporary views on marital discipline.

He said in the past, men were granted the authority to correct their wives when they went wrong, which brought a sense of accountability and order within households.

However, the actor lamented that this practice has become increasingly scarce in modern times.

Salinko passionately argued that a return to traditional values could be the key to salvaging failing marriages.

He suggested that allowing men the space to play a role in disciplining their wives could restore a balance that has been lost because of the changes in societal norms.