Maureen Waititu admits she’s ready for love, 2 qualities she seeks in a man


It has been six years since media personality and former model Maureen Waititu broke up with her baby daddy Frankie JustGymIt, and now, she is opening up about her desire for love and the qualities she seeks in her potential partner.

In an interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi on July 27, Maureen revealed her thoughts on love, motherhood, and the kind of man she envisions in her life.

Maureen unapologetically admits that she loves love. To her, love is a beautiful thing, and she believes in the transformative power of genuine affection.

As she reflects on her personal journey, she acknowledges how priorities change as one grows older, shifting the focus towards finding a meaningful connection.

She emphasizes the importance of friendship in a romantic relationship, highlighting that beyond the initial butterflies, a strong foundation of friendship is crucial.

“Personally the person I would imagine in my life would have to be my best