May Edochie’s Close Friend Debunks Divorce Rumors Surrounding May and Yul Edochie


A close friend has refuted reports that May Edochie and her husband, Yul Edochie, have divorced.

Valencia Poise, who also happens to be May’s friend and a fellow entrepreneur, took to Instagram to clarify that their marriage is still intact.

She criticized vloggers for spreading false rumors in order to gain social media traffic.

Valencia drew a parallel between the situation and the way bloggers twisted the facts in the Davido and Cubana Chief Priest controversy.

Valencia Poise, as she is known on Instagram, called for prayers on May.

“I want to clearly state that MAY and YUL are not divorced… Not going through divorce process yet. I wonder why bloggers post things that do not exist just to gather social media traffic.

Please ignore such Rumours. This was how they meddled up Davido and Cubana Chief Priest’s issue and changed the narrative.

Please what May needs from us all now is our fervent prayers not false assumptions.

She added, “May God not allow evil to befall us”.