McBrown Stirs reaction After Long Break On The United Showbiz Show


Ghanaian actress and show host, Nana Ama McBrown has gone missing on her United Showbiz Program on UTV for a while now.

The past few weeks have seen different people hosting the show with media personality, MzGee hosting the recent edition.

There have been initial rumours that Nana Ama has again gone for maintenance as she did previously.

However, the actress has been active on social media and actually attending events, except for going to host her show.

Coming after that, McBrown has been spotted in a controversial video where she’s celebrating her life. In the video, McBrown noted just how favoured she is and how God comes through for her in all situations.

According to McBrown, she would take both the bad and good and thank God in every situation.

She said that after she luckily had a water tanker sprinkled water on a dusty road she used to attend a friend’s wedding.