“McBrown’s husband proposed to me but we didn’t date” – Diamond Appiah


Ghanaian actress and socialite, Diamond Appiah has responded to allegations suggesting that she had a romantic relationship with Maxwell Mensah, the husband of Nana Ama McBrown.

The claims arose when Diamond’s former best friend, Naana Brown, made unfounded statements asserting that Diamond dated Maxwell in the past and supposedly snatched him from Mzbel, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Naana Brown stated on social media, “Nana Ama’s husband, Maxwell, was dating Mzbel and Diamond snatched him. She knew he was rich, so she did everything she could to win him over. Diamond later introduced him to one of her well-endowed wealthy friends, who also took him away from Diamond shortly after they were introduced. They exchanged numbers, and days later, Diamond discovered that her friend started going on dates with Maxwell too.”

Denying these allegations, Diamond clarified that her connection to Maxwell was solely through the popular highlife musician, Kofi Nti. They had met once at a Chinese restaurant.

“I have never been involved with Maxwell, who has dated other women in the industry before marrying McBrown. Kofi Nti and Nana Ofori can vouch for this. Naana, who can you name as your witness? Even Mzbel knows that I never dated Maxwell. Maxwell did propose to me, though. He did it through Kofi Nti, the musician. He told Kofi Nti that he liked me and asked him to introduce us. We met only once at the Chinese restaurant in Kingsby, and that was it. I hadn’t seen him since then. After that meeting, I discovered that he was Mzbel’s ex-boyfriend. So, I confronted Kofi Nti about why he wanted to link me with someone who had previously dated Mzbel. That was the end of it,” Diamond explained in a viral video.

Diamond emphasized that Maxwell never contacted her after their meeting at the Chinese restaurant. Instead, he pursued one of her friends. “Maxwell never called me again, and I later found out that he bypassed me to date one of my friends, Abena,” she added.