Mercy Eke gives the reason why she did cosmetic surgery


Mercy Eke, ex-housemate of the BBNaija reality TV show, has disclosed why she underwent cosmetic surgery.

In the latest episode of the ‘Tea With Tay’ podcast, she said she went under for the surgery to enhance her confidence and to sell her business.

She said, “I did it for myself. I did it to enhance my confidence. I wanted to look good in what I wear. I’m into fashion. I have to have a certain type of body for myself,” she said.

“I feel like those ones that are hiding the truth, probably don’t have the confidence; they feel like they did it for someone. But I did it for myself.

“I did it to sell my business. So, I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of in enhancing your body.

“People are bleaching, let us not talk about it. It’s all the same thing. That is another form of enhancement because it’s not the way God created you.

“Even those that fix eyelashes. All these things, if we talk about it; they are the same. So, if you think you are ‘that girl’, leave yourself the way God created you.”

By Damilola Olufemi