“Money doesn’t increase your quality of life in Naija” – Nigerian Singer, Djinee laments after spending endless hours in Lagos traffic

Nigerian singer, Osayamwen Donald better known as Djinee, has Expressed that having money doesn’t increase the quality of one’s life in Nigeria.
The ‘Ego’ crooner took to Twitter to express himself about the terrible state of the nation on Sunday, June 10, after spending endless hours in traffic.
According to him, Nigeria is not working and anyone who says otherwise is a fool.
Read his full post below
“I can finally tweet this. Fri/Sat, I was out for 16hrs. 9 of those were spent in traffic. 4hrs to the location & 5hrs back. “Back” wasn’t even home cos i had to find shelter @ a friend’s. Couldn’t drive any longer. And some people experience this everyday. This is not life.
You have to possess a higher level of reasoning to know that money doesn’t increase your quality of life in naija. In that traffic, there were benzes & ranges, all as frustrated as everyone else in traffic. All of us losing productive time. Our health collectively taking a hit!
I asked myself how long I can take this. The first night, I was still in traffic at midnight. Finally out of it, driving in pitch black darkness still on terrible roads in the rain fearing for my safety because this is naija, this is Lagos!
This is no political tweet. Lagos is not working. Nigeria is not working. Ask those that have to scoop flood water from their houses, replace car engines. Ask the families in Owo, Borno, Adamawa, Kaduna etc who like their counterparts in the east have lost thousands to terrorism.
Lagos has become so capitalist that there has been no thought given to proper urban planning. Just keep selling! Fuel stations jostling for space with residential houses on tiny roads. Dangote refinary built & half the road leading to it is a mess. Agbero is normal. A mega city!
Our bar of success has been set so low. That’s why we’ll see all these & more & applaud. Either that or we’re plain stupid. Or worse still, our hunger has left our brains comatose, so we’ll prefer the crumbs they (politicians) pacify us with than seek a total change!
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. You need to legally travel out to see what it means to have a quality life for less. If you’re well travelled & you still see the mess here as normal & support the administrators of this anomaly, then you are the biggest PHOOL!”