Money Is A Motivation In Relationship, Says Marriage Counsellor 


Prominent Ghanaian marriage counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has emphasised the crucial role of finances in relationships, asserting that financial stability is essential for supporting partners and meeting their needs.

According to her, it is imperative for one to be financially stable to support their partners and furnish them with their needs to enhance the relationship for the betterment of its sustenance.

She noted that in the current dispensation, it would be dicey for a relationship to be sustained without the man having enough funds to support the partner.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM, Charlotte Oduro stressed that money in a relationship helps one’s partner to love him more, aside from the affection they have for each other.

“Money is part of love, so you cannot do away with it. The truth is that the end product of love is money. Any relationship where there is no money sometimes does not end well.

“There are people that when you meet, you feel for them, but when there is money, it motivates you more in the relationship,” she said.

Counselor Charlotte Oduro further admonished individuals to consider love first before accepting money and other gifts from persons who show interest in them.

“I need to love you before accepting anything from you; that is me. So I think love should come first before anything else,” she added.

The issue of money in a relationship has been a topic of discussion when it comes to matters concerning love.