Movie Producer Reveals How Saint Obi’s Marriage Derailed Him From His Friends Acting Career


In a heartfelt tribute, movie producer Zik Zulu Okafor has shared the story of how veteran actor Saint Obi’s marriage had a profound impact on his acting career and his relationship with his friends.

Zik revealed that Saint Obi’s marriage was plagued with challenges, with his wife and her siblings viewing him as a “gold digger.” As a top executive at a telecommunications company, his wife held significant influence in their relationship.

According to Zik, Saint Obi faced constant harassment from his wife’s brothers, which ultimately led to the breakdown of their marriage. The actor’s health also deteriorated in the middle of last year before his untimely passing.

“Their marriage was at best a dramatization of love. It was quick. He barely told us that he found a wife. Then, the marriage happened. It was something of a mystique, only those involved understood the histrionics that played out. None of us who were his closest pals, who walked with him through the crucible to the crest of his career in Nollywood, was invited. The distance between us and the guy I admirably called Saint of the Storm had begun. This gulf would widen with each year. We saw him perhaps once a year after this marriage.

And life actually seemed to have given him a fair shake of the dice. He dressed well, drove big cars, and even his skin, in literal lingo, spelt wellness.

But more tragic is the fact that his marriage did not only take away Obinna from his friends, it took him away from Nollywood. Saint stopped acting, absconded from his career and perhaps his calling”.