“My bachelor years were wasteful”, Actor Gideon Okekee Laments


Nigerian actor, Gideon Okeke lamented on his social media page on Wednesday, on how he was wasteful during his bachelor years.

He took to his Instagram page to explain how he spent N4.8m to hire a chef for eight years, paying the chef N50,000 monthly and still did not learn how to cook.

He wrote, “I gotta admit. My bachelor years were wasteful. Let’s do this math. I engaged a chef for eight years of my single life, at 50k a month, and I still couldn’t come up with whipping up this kind of bad ass Egusi soup.

“I had to learn this shit on my own. My third hand at it and no jokes, I got it in me. But then again, 8 years at 50k monthly is 4.8M. I played myself. I didn’t even use the flex to catch one babe then. Damn.

“Well, just to make my self feel better. N50,000 was for general domestic services. I still came up played! Chef Rome! I don see wetin you do me”.