My Dutch Passport Has More Value Than PhD In Ghana, Says Social Media Personality


A well-known Ghanaian social media personality residing in the Netherlands, Kofi Gabs has sparked a significant controversy with his recent comments on the value of educational achievements in Ghana.

In a video that has since gone viral, Gabs argued that his Dutch passport holds more practical value than a PhD from Ghana.

He shared his personal experience of applying for a visa to visit a friend in the United States via the ESTA app, emphasising the ease with which he received approval thanks to his Dutch citizenship.

He highlighted the swift and uncomplicated process, suggesting that it was significantly smoother than what he would have faced with a Ghanaian passport. Gabs went further, asserting that the tangible benefits of holding a Dutch passport outweigh the prestige of obtaining a PhD in Ghana.

The reaction from the Ghanaian community has been mixed but predominantly critical. Many Ghanaians took to the comments section of the post to defend the value of advanced degrees from their home country.

They argued that academic achievements, such as a PhD, represent years of hard work, dedication, and intellectual contribution, and therefore hold more weight than he suggested.

The debate ignited by Gabs’ remarks highlights a broader conversation about the perceived value of educational qualifications versus the practical benefits of certain citizenships.

While his comments have stirred strong emotions, they also underscore differing perspectives on the importance of education and the privileges associated with different nationalities.