My Mother Used 2 Months To Achieve What I Couldn’t Do In 10 Years – Rapper CJ Biggerman


he says referring to sudden fame of his mum.

A Ghanaian rapper, CJ Biggerman has confessed that his mother’s sudden rise to fame as Big Ivy, the Queen of Rap, took him by surprise.
Big Ivy who describes herself as the queen of Ghana rap took West Africa by storm after she released a freestyle video on mother’s day.
The video went viral and rose her to instant fame. It even sparked a battle between Ghana and Nigeria between Big Ivy from Ghana and Mama Dollar from Nigeria.
CJ Biggerman, Speaking on Showbiz 360 on TV3, stated that his mother used just two months to achieve what he has been working for 10 years.
“I have been rapping for 10 years but my mum came and became a star in just two months,” he said in pidgin English.
Big Ivy also concurred and told Ghanaian TV personality, Giovani that she has advised her son to further his education and pursue better professions since he is not excelling through music.
She says her son can only do music as a hobby but seek a better profession that is more stable.