‘My Son Sees Me As His God’ – Ghanaian Media Personality Reveals


Ghanaian media personality and businesswoman Mzbel has explained why her son doesn’t believe in any God.

Speaking in a recent interview, Mzbel revealed that her son doesn’t pray to any god rather, he sees her as his god.

She explained that whenever he needs something, he doesn’t open his arms to pray to the heavens, instead, he comes to her to ask.

Mzbel further stated that she doesn’t believe there is a god, but if there is, she doesn’t pray to him to get whatever she wants, stressing that she goes to her late mother’s alter to make a request, after that, she receives the answers to her prayers.

Okomfo Black, son of musician Mzbel earlier in a recent interview, revealed that his choice of religion appears to have thrown challenges his way.

In a community where Christianity and Islam are the predominant religions, Okomfo Black and his family say they hold on firmly to their traditional and ancestral worship.

In the interview, Okomfo Black challenged the existence of the Almighty God, arguing that every being is a god hence no special recognition must be given to any supreme ruler.

The 10-year-old Okomfo Black shared unconventional views about God, emphasising that he does not perceive God as a parental figure. He asserted that his mother is the one who cares for him and provides for his needs, while God does not do anything for him.

His comments did not augur well with conservative Ghanaians, for which many parents of his schoolmates are taking steps to sideline him.