“”My Tattoos Are Cover-Ups For My Scars” – Kenya’s Content Creator, Georgina Njenga


Kenya’s content creator, Georgina Njenga has shared insights into her life, revealing thigh scars she got after a childhood accident.

The mother of one emphasised her dedication to self-growth and her daughter Astra Kamau, debunking rumours about depending on a sponsor for her success.

Georgina revealed during an interview with Oga Obinna said at the moment, relationships take a backseat in her life, adding that she strongly desires to concentrate on personal development.

“I just want to focus on myself first. Plus, I have a child, so why would I decide to focus on them?” she said.

Responding to rumours of depending on a sponsor for her lifestyle, Georgina clarified that she is an influencer who collaborates with brands on Instagram.

She shared that her Instagram was her primary source of income, and she has recently returned to YouTube, gaining significant traction with her content.

“Really hii hata nimeskia na wewe…Am an influencer, and I have Instagram. I influence brands,” she said.
Dismissing allegations, she stated, “I influence brands,” highlighting her role as a social media influencer.

She expressed satisfaction with the positive response to her YouTube videos, citing the success of her first video, “My Routine with Astra,” which garnered over 130k views.

The content creator is navigating the dynamic world of social media, adapting to changing algorithms, and embracing new platforms for her creative expression.

“My Instagram was my sole source of income but now am back on YouTube after almost a year. Algorithms are still working vizuri sana. The first video, ‘My Routine with Astra’ got like 130k,” she said.

Georgina also spoke about her past struggles, revealing burning scars on her thighs from a childhood incident.

Recounting the story, she mentioned an incident in class five where hot tea was spilt on her thighs. To conceal the scars, she opted for tattoos.

“Ni burning scars. Ni cover up za burns nikiwa class five. Kiherehere ilionyesha enda kwa gas utoe chai. Ikanimwagikia kwa thighs. Chai ya maziwa. Growing up I had insecurities about my thighs so I got the tattoos,” she said.