My worst experience is getting pregnant out of marriage – Adunni Ade


Adunni Ade, Nigerian actress, says getting pregnant out of wedlock was her worst experience in life. The movie star was reflecting on her past challenges and how she was able to brace the odds in an Instagram post yesterday.

The 39-year-old actress said the incident happened while she was in college.

Adunni also disclosed that she felt the world was caving in on her at the time.

The movie star added that the pregnancy left her father so hurt and disappointed that he stopped supporting her financially.

Adunni said she got strength to tackle her fears seeing the charming personality of D’marion, her first son.

“These past few days have been overwhelming! I remember when I found out I was pregnant with D’marion, it felt like the world came caving in on me. A whole lot happened to me,” she wrote.

“My dad was so hurt that his first daughter was pregnant (out of wedlock, I understood). I was a senior at college. It was the worst time of my life. All financial support was cut off! I was ill. My mum did all she could to stand by me.

“I felt as though I had failed in life as my hero was disappointed in me. I began facing so many challenges in life. My heart was so fragile I thought I’d never make it through because of how terrible my life had become.

“We didn’t have much! I mean nothing! One thing that kept me going was D’marion. The way he looked at me, gave a different meaning to life. His eye balls would pierce into my soul. He gave me hope! I recall promising him for as long as I had breathe in me, I would be the best mother I could be.”