MzGee offers apology to Mr. Logic following disagreement


MzGee, the host of United Showbiz Night, has formally issued an apology to entertainment pundit Mr. Logic in light of their heated exchange on last week’s episode. She expresses regret for her previous comments that were directed towards Mr. Logic during his participation on the show.

The clash between the two media personalities occurred on the premises of UTV last week. The dispute stemmed from a comment made by MzGee, which Mr. Logic, a regular pundit on the show, took issue with.

The comment was made while Mr. Logic was discussing the challenges faced by local artists when trying to establish themselves on the international music scene. MzGee interrupted his statement, prompting a heated verbal confrontation between them.

Mr. Logic expressed his dissatisfaction with MzGee’s behavior, criticizing her professionalism and suggesting that she needed more experience in her role.

As a new week begins, tensions between the two individuals have subsided. They have since reconciled and patched things up, offering apologies to each other during a recent episode of the show.

“I want to use this platform to apologize to you for my remarks and outburst last week. I am truly sorry. I’m still learning the Twi language, so forgive me if my words were inappropriate,” MzGee conveyed in her apology.

Responding to her apology, Mr. Logic stated, “You are like a sister to me, so let’s move past this. I also apologize for my side of things.”

The exchange between MzGee and Mr. Logic showcases a willingness to mend fences and move forward on a positive note.