Nana Tornado reacts to Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger’s feud


Ghanaian actor, Nana Tornado has leaped to the defense of songstress Mzbel, following recent hate comments by socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger.

His reactions followed Afia Schwarzenegger recent interview with blogger Zionfelix, where he expressed disgust for Mzbel, saying she would rejoice to hear of her death.

She had said, “I hate her. That’s the word. I hardly used such a word at human beings but I hate her with a passion. I hate her for blackmailing John Mahama. I hate her with a passion and I’ll throw a party if she does

Nana Tornado went on his Instagram page to attack his one-time good friend.

He posted: “You said you hate who? You hate Mzbel with passion? B**tch, we don’t hate anyone but we don’t want you. You hate Mzbel with passion for what exactly? What do you want from her? It seems you miss her but I’m sorry its over means it’s over. Mzbel is busy attending to her flourishing playground and pub business.

“You are roaming around Europe prostituting. Sometimes when you open your mouth to talk, you don’t think first. You talk stupidly and don’t think you are smarter than anybody. B**tch you are full of hatred. You said if Mzbel dies, you’ll throw a party? Even you, Ghanaians haven’t made such a statement about you.”

During the interview, Afia Schwar had accused Mzbel of blackmailing her former President, John Mahama and this made Nana Tornado conclude Afia Schwarzenegger’s well-calculated plans to return to the National Democratic Congress, NDC.

He said, “After betraying the NDC party and John Mahama, you want to mention Mahama’s name to regain empathy? Even if Mzbel blackmails Mahama, how’s that your business? Because Mahama is not your friend.”

By Damilola Olufemi