Nasty C & Zack Tabudlo unite through Coke studio to create musical masterpiece


Renowned South African artist Nasty C and emerging Filipino popstar Zack Tabudlo have joined forces in an unprecedented musical collaboration under Coke Studio.

This exciting partnership represents the convergence of contemporary music excellence and cultural diversity, promising an unparalleled musical journey for fans worldwide.

By seamlessly blending a variety of genres and infusing modern beats with traditional influences, Coke Studio consistently produces a unique and exceptional auditory experience.

The release of ‘Fallin’ marks a significant milestone for both Nasty C and Zack Tabudlo, as they embrace Coke Studio’s ethos of pushing artistic expression to new heights.

This track follows the success of this year’s Coke Studio anthem, ‘Be Who You Are (Real Magic),’ featuring a lineup of musical luminaries such as Jon Batiste, NewJeans, J.I.D, Camilo, and Cat Burns.

The current season of Coke Studio embodies a global spirit by assembling over 16 exceptional music artists from diverse corners of the world.

In an era marked by cultural convergence and the breaking down of musical barriers, the union of Nasty C and Zack Tabudlo within the realm of Coke Studio exemplifies the limitless possibilities when diverse talents unite in pursuit of artistic excellence.