Nicholas Kioko launches studio after 2 years of street content


Nicholas Kioko, the popular content creator and YouTuber, has reason to celebrate as he finally realizes his dream of owning a studio after two years of creating content on the streets.

The momentous announcement was made alongside his girlfriend, Wambo Ashley, on his YouTube channel on August 1, leaving fans and fellow content creators thrilled.

Nicholas expressed his joy and excitement, sharing that he had always prayed for this opportunity, and now it has become a reality.

Reflecting on his journey, he revealed that he started content creation back in June 2021. For two years and one month, he worked tirelessly, creating content in various locations, often shooting with just a phone as his equipment.

“Guys and very happy and excited. I always prayed for this and it has happened. Incant believe this dream is coming to a reality.

“I’ve been busy for the last one month doing things up and down. I started content creation back in 2021 June. It’s been two years one month,” Kioko said.