Nigerian economy makes people not to be kind again – Asa


Nigerian singer, Bukola Elemide, popularly known as Asa has lamented the negative impact of the Nigerian economy on Lagos people.

The exceptional singer made this known during a recent interview with media personality Ebuka Uchendu when she was asked to compare the Lagos of today to that of her childhood.

According to Asa, people have become unkind and very angry at each other, blaming the economy for such behaviour amongst Lagosians.

She said: “People are not really kind anymore. Young people have this idea. Everyone is a salesman, we are no longer kind to each other. I feel it’s the economy. If you don’t have something to eat, you will get angry. You will get angry, impatient, and unkind”.

Asa who dropped out from the university to focus on her passion for music years back, noted she had this blind confidence when she made that life-altering decision.

“There was this blind confidence I had when I dropped out. It was full of hunger. That hunger was so much, powerful. My focus was to be on the big stage and nobody was going to take me off that path. To get there, these were the things I needed to do. I was super happy when I was suffering, I didn’t even know I was suffering. I didn’t know that I didn’t have things to eat. In Paris I went as a student, I would only spend one euro a day. Because I needed to save money too.”