Nigerian Gay Couple Celebrate Their Traditional Wedding


A Nigerian gay couple have made billions of Nigerians blush as their video where they celebrate their traditional wedding is posted online.

The gay couple, two elegant men are of Nigerian origin and despite, the law binding gay couples from getting married in Nigeria, these two have found a way in love.

The video which was posted on social media shows both men dressed immaculately in their traditional attires all-smiles as they take their traditional wedding photos.

See reactions below:

salvador.d.xiii reacted: A more reason women should Honour and Respect the reasonable men left! For the complete men still standing with morals, value and purpose, let’s gather here and appreciate ourselves.👏👏👏 May the good Lord bless us and enlarge our bank account till we own the bank! Amen 🙏

king_jozef said: I honestly feel like G men and men with strong feminine features and qualities should not keep beards . Beards is a core masculine feature …. You can’t be looking like Tyrone and be acting like something else.

wwtwins_jnr said: Madness! This is not how God created man and marriage 🥲💔

joyful__francine wrote: This is disgusting DISRESPECTFULLY